German, Berlin and international art from the 1950s to the present day

New presentation of selected works from the Mercedes-Benz Art Collection

February 18th 2019 — March 26th 2021

Mercedes-Benz Bank Service Center, Berlin

For more than eight years, the Mercedes-Benz Art Collection has been presenting changing art exhibitions at the Mercedes-Benz Bank Service Center Berlin building near Alexanderplatz. Since February 2019, around 150 works from the Mercedes-Benz Art Collection have been reorganized and expanded to include new works, installed on 14 floors. With the exhibition, the Mercedes-Benz Art Collection pursues one of its central concerns, to provide employees with cultural education.

The works, from the period from 1955 to the present, represent the main focal points of the Mercedes-Benz Art Collection, from informal tendencies and representational painting to abstract positions of art from the 1960s to today, photography with Berlin motifs and international contemporary art. A special focus is on the work of artists who live in Berlin or are biographically associated with Berlin.

Among the exhibited works are examples of concrete and constructive art (Günter Fruhtrunk, Richard Paul Lohse, Francois Morellet, Victor Vasarely, etc.), wall objects (Gerold Miller, Pietro Sanguineti, etc.), photographs with Berlin motifs (Arthur Harrimann, Andreas Küppers, Leippelt , Frank Thiel, Michael Wesely et al.), experimental graphics (Siegfried Cremer, Hans Kupelwieser, Andreas Schmid, Vladow Velkov, Albert Weis, etc.), examples of Pop art and figurative art (Bill Beckley, Silke Radenhausen, Frank Rödel, Katrin Rothe, Andy Warhol, Ina Weber, Lambert Maria Wintersberger et al.), painting and drawing in the tradition of abstraction and minimalism (Raimund Girke, Rupprecht Geiger, Karl Horst Hödicke, Markus Huemer, Leiko Ikemura, Bernhard Kahrmann, Robert Mangold, Andreas Reiter Raabe, Sayed Haider Raza, Anne Schneider, Beate Terfloth, Lars Wolter and others.)

At our public exhibition space Mercedes-Benz Contemporary (Haus Huth, Potsdamer Platz Berlin) we present theme exhibitions and new acquisitions. Parallel, main areas of the Collection are exhibited temporarily at German and international museums and various locations of the Company.

Responsible: Dr. Renate Wiehager (Head of Collection/Curator), Dr. Kathrin Hatesaul (Curator of the exhibition MB Service Center)




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