Robert Longo
C-Class, C 180/W 202, 1998

  • Graphite on paper, mounted on masonite
  • 246,5 x 155 cm
  • Acquired in 1998

Commissioned by the Group and taking up Andy Warhol’s unfinished Cars series, Robert Longo depicted several car models in 1995/97. He created four large-format drawings, Cars From Above, showing models of the 1980s and 1990s. Longo’s characteristically hyper-realistic approach – choosing familiar subjects from the media picture machinery and isolating these from their original context in larger-than-life-size black-and-white drawings – works against the rapid glance at gleaming surfaces. Instead, Longo’s work creates a problem around the standard, ‘black-and-white’ thought patterns people use to persuade themselves they would understand and consume the world. The black bodywork Untitled (Black Car) seems to be illuminated from within, a blazingly brightly lit space is held together by the ‘architecture’ of the external space. The strongly shaded, modeled version C-Class, C180/W 202 is characterized by the interaction of apparently diffuse structures within a design in intermediate tones. Statics, the factual presence of the car slips away into a fictitious, immaterial, visionary ‘dream’.

Robert Longo

* 1953 New York City (NY), USA
Lives and works in New York City (NY), USA
Robert Longo
Untitled (black car), 1996
Graphite on paper mounted on masonite
Robert Longo
Big Red Car (Kompressor), 1997
Acrylic and lacquer on aluminum

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