Norbert Kricke
Flächenplastik im Raum, 1964

Even when he was still a student, Norbert Kricke, born in Düsseldorf in 1992, was more interested in the internal metal frameworks for plaster models than in the volume to be built on them. This resulted, as in the case of Kricke’s Flächenplastik, in geometrical figures that abandon traditional sculptural materials and instead illustrate three-dimensional experience through movement. It has no firmly defined volume, but represents briefly materialized traces of movement. The impression of the momentary is reinforced by light reflections and the way that the surface strips, bundled so that they can be manipulated out, literally torn between.

Norbert Kricke

* 1922 Düsseldorf, D
† 1984 Düsseldorf, D

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